Survive the collapse

Collapsed is a multiplayer survival shooter for PC set in a post apocalyptic world. Loot. Build. Trade. Survive.

Collapsed is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which modern society has collapsed. A new government has taken control, but enforces a harsh free-for-all policy. With little control from the government, you are free to find your own path to survival.

Scavenge through abandoned villages and gather the right equipment to survive. Sell the valuables that you have found at one of the government’s trading posts and spend the earned money on various goods or a piece of land to call your own. Salvage building materials and pick up furniture to build and fill your base.

Fight other survivors, expand your arsenal and base to survive the collapse.

Collapsed is currently in a first playable state.




The items that you loot are scattered across abandoned towns throughout the world.

To increase the chances of finding what you need, loot is distributed the way you would expect it to be. Do you need parts to fix your car? Try to find a garage. Need food to stock up your fridge? You should probably look out for a supermarket. Where you go, depends on what you need.

Larger items such as closets, fridges or other forms of storage are also found in the world. Does your base require a new gun rack? Drive to the military barracks, pick one up, throw it on the back of your pickup truck and take it back to your base.


You can trade the items you find at one of the government’s trading posts. The rarer the item, the more they are willing to pay for it. Your hard-earned cash can then be used to purchase items that you are struggling to find.

Trading posts have a strict non-violence policy, so it is the perfect place to hang out and trade with other players.

Base building

Before you are able to build you will have to purchase a piece of land from the government.

In Collapsed, you are encouraged to build in a pragmatic manner as you will be able to lay out your foundation in a shape and size you see fit to blend in with the environment. Once you have laid out your foundation you will be able to build exterior walls and a roof. On the inside, you are free to place your walls in a manner that suits your needs and playstyle.

And, of course, you will be able to find various materials to fortify your base in order to keep those pesky neighbours out.


In a collapsed society, it is important to be prepared for the worst.

Whenever you scavenge through one of the abandoned villages, find yourself some weapons and protective clothing to protect yourself against your not so friendly neighbours. And while you are at it, be sure to grab enough water, food and medical supplies for those desperate times.


Group up with friends or people that you meet out in the world.

Being in a group allows you to build a base and live together. It also allows you to find each other more easily by sharing your locations. But note that there is a limited group size, so pick your allies carefully.


To allow faster and safer travel, various types of vehicles can be found throughout the world.

When you find a vehicle you like, the first step is to repair it. Find and replace missing tires, fix up the engine, fill it up with fuel and you are good to go. For additional safety, you might want to find some doors or protect the wheels and windows with found materials.

Once you have a working vehicle, it can be locked and used as storage. A vehicle is a great first step towards purchasing a piece of land to build your base on.

About us


We are a small independent game development studio from the Netherlands with a passion for survival games

We are two passionate developers who met in college because we both had a love for game development and survival games. Together we have our own vision of what the ultimate survival game should look like and we have decided to bring that vision to reality in the form of our first game Collapsed.

Currently we are looking for funding for our upcoming PC title that has been in development since 2017. Now that the game is in a first playable state we are looking to expand our team and push towards an early access release at the end of 2023. Interested in learning more? Please contact us via our contact page.

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